Chattanooga Area Leadership Prayer Breakfast


  • 2019  Sherman Smith                                     Former NFL Player and Super Bowl Coach
    2018  Mart Green                                            Board Chair, Hobby Lobby
    2017   John Aden                                             Retired Walmart Executive
    2016   J. Frank Harrison, III                          Chairman & CEO, Coca-Cola Consolidated
    2015   Brig Sorber                                           CEO, Two Men and a Truck International, Inc.
    2014   Bob Doll                                                Chief Equity Strategist & Senior Portfolio Manager, Nuveen Asset Management, LLC
    2013   Mark Whitacre                                    COO & Chief Science Officer, Cypress Systems, Inc. 
    2012   John Beckett                                        Chairman, R. W. Beckett Corporation
    2011   Jeff Kemp                                              Former NFL Quarterback; President, Stronger Families
    2010   David Barton                                        Author and Historian
    2008   Russell O'Quinn                                  Test Pilot
    2007   Denis Beausejour                               Proctor and Gamble Executive
    2006   Don Mitchell                                        Automobile Manufacturer and Consultant
    2005   Ron Blue                                               CPA and Author
    2004   Senator Bill Armstrong                     Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives; Former U.S. Senator
    2003   Maj. Gen. Robert Van Antwerp       Commanding General, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri
    2002   Fritz Klumpp                                       Former U.S. Navy Fighter Pilot and Delta Airlines Pilot
    2001   Jim Dawson                                         Former President, Zebco, Inc. and Brunswick Outdoor Recreation Group
    2000   Bobby Richardson                             Former New York Yankee Baseball Player
    1999   Gen. Charles Duke                            Astronaut; Retired U.S. Air Force
    1998   Norm Miller                                       Chairman, Interstate Battery System of America, Inc.
    1997   Hugh Jacks                                         Former President, BellSouth Services
    1996   Ron Blue                                             CPA and Author
    1995   Cal Thomas                                        Broadcaster; Nationally Syndicated Newspaper Columnist; Author
    1994   Bill Kanaga                                         Former Chairman, Arthur Young & Company / Ernest & Young
    1993   Pat Morley                                         Author and Speaker
    1992   Ted Sprague                                      Convention and Tourism Consultant, Marietta, Georgia
    1991   Col. Nimrod McNair                        Retired Pilot, U.S. Air Force; Chairman & Founder, Executive Leadership Foundation
    1990   Don Mitchell                                     Director of Quality Network, General Motors Corporation
    1989   Kyle Rote, Jr.                                     Owner, Athletic Resource Management, Inc.
    1988   Adolph Coors, IV                              Heir to Coors Brewing Firm
    1987   Gen. Dick Abel                                  Director of Legislative and Public Affairs, U.S. Olympic Committee
    1986   Hugh Jacks                                        President, BellSouth Services
    1985   Bob Vernon                                       Assistant Chief Director, Office of Special Services, Los Angeles Police Department
    1984   Paul Johnson                                    President, Paul H. Johnson, Inc.
    1983   Roosevelt Grier                               Former NFL All-Pro Tackle; Founder & Chairman, Giant Step
    1982   L.B. Braz Pryor                                 National Vice President of Sales, Cadillac Division of General Motors Corporation
    1981   Bobby Richardson                           Former New York Yankee Baseball Player
    1980   Senator Bill Armstrong                  Former Member, U.S. House of Representatives; Current U.S. Senator
    1979   Elridge Cleaver                                Author and Speaker
    1978   Chuck Colson                                   Former Presidential Special Counsel; Founder, Prison Fellowship